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Baby pink julbos

Love these! It’s hard to find a fully baby pink pair of sport sunglasses, and these ones come with pink-tinted shades (not show in the picture) which were a pleasant surprise. Super cute for sports and athleisure.

Most comfortable sunglasses I've ever owned!

Love these sunglasses, unbelievable comfortable and the sunshields are wonderful. The ear wraps also are easily adjustable and keep them very secured.

My only minor complaint is that I got the brass-natural colour and the lenses aren't as green as the website picture makes them out to be, but still extremely happy with them!


Super light, nice glasses excellent for climbing, hiking, driving. They fit my narrow frame well.
Sadly - I scratched them already when putting my pack down - doh!

Javad Ghasempur Sis
My order canceled "because we suspect it is fraudulent"

I happily ordered this item as gift to myself for my own birthday and eagerly was waiting to receive it but saw an email today that says: "Order XXX was canceled because we suspect it is fraudulent."
Does anyone know what is this? I'm just a customer and used my everyday credit card which I've been using for online purchases for years. Now, fraudulent? That's a shame.
This is not the appropriate way of behaving your customers. So unfortunate.

Steve Hess
Not sure what this is for, but it’s not for keeping glasses on

I asked customer service by email for a strap for my Legacy model glasses (with ultra thin temple arms) and they referred me to this product on their website. I was sent an 8 inch silicone strap that (a) didn’t hold the arms and (b) didn’t fit around my head - I’m not sure what this short strap is for but a better description on the website would help. A return was easy enough but 3-4 weeks for a refund feels too long.

Pierre Cros
Not the right size

I love Julbo Sunglasses .

But did not get the right size .

So far the customer service did not help me out.

Hope they will.

Jean-Nicolas Allaire
Great looking glasses, but poor craftmanship

This is my second pair of Julbo glasses and they are even worse than the last. For the price point, they're not worth it IMO (like the previous reviewer). Took only a week to lose the nose pieces. I asked Julbo for replacement parts but I had to pay for them (should be under warranty, no ?)
After a few months, the plastic inside the side covers broke off so the covers are very sensitive to movement and will 'disengage' very easily now. Finally, the rubber on the ear temples end broke off. The same happened on my previous pair. I'd say that they are very not sturdy for a pair of glasses designed for mountaineering.
What I like is the design and the fact that the lenses are made of glass and not cheap plastic.
Personnally, I would not recommend buying those glasses at this price point, unless you don't wear them very often.

Good but could be better

The first thing I noticed about these glasses is, the Vision color. It's supposed to be gray, but it is more of a brownish color. So I am disapointed in that area.
Also, I do have one ear slightly higher than the other and the branches can't be adjusted, but otherwise, they are comfortable to wear. Long term, if it's hot, they tend to slip from the nose, since it's only a plain plastic nose bridge.

The vision is good, the polarization does not hinder on phone screens and even car entertainment system. They are well made for high luminosity, but it feels less effective in trails and forest type of terrain. In these type of terrain, you'll spend your time removing them and putting them back on every time you go from very sunny to slight shadow.

Overall, I'm somewhat satisfied with these glasses as they look good, they feel sturdy, the protective coating on the glasses are good and effective and they look very good.

They are too small even for kids

First, be very carefull, since these sunglasses are for very little kids and you won't know unless you expand the "Sizing" details.
Second, even for small kids, they are very small. It's a good thing they are at a lower price, but now I'm stuck (can't exchange them) with a pair of kids sunglasses that's too small even for my kids...

Don't buy reactive lenses

I purchased a pair of Falcon sunglasses with the reactive lenses a few years ago and the lenses "delaminate"to the point that they are not useable. The "coating" is lifting off of the lens. I am not getting satisfaction from Julbo. For the amount that you pay for Julbo sunglasses, they need to last longer than 3 years.before self destructing. The nose piece is also loose and can't be tightened.


La grandeur est parfaite et j’adore couleur de la lunette 🩷

Going 'retro' is giving better performance

Ordered the Legacy in the hopes of getting Julbo optics in a format that works for me. My other glasses either hurt my eyes, won't stay on my head when I push them up to see, or are otherwise not fully functional. They have to fold flat and survive being stuffed in a pack. Recalled the side shield styles I used in my early mountaineering and chanced the Legacy model. It's working out beautifully. Old school, made better.


The best lens I owned.

Christopher bristow
Terrible quality

I loved these glasses, but have to replace the parts so often, quality had declined in recent years. Side covers dont fit and wont stay on, temple arm wires break often and easily.

Hi there,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We're sorry to hear that you've been experiencing issues with your CHAM glasses. We understand how frustrating it can be when the quality isn't up to par. Rest assured, we are aware of the issue and our team at Julbo France is actively working on improving the product. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your feedback. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further concerns. Thank you for your support.

Customer Service at Julbo Canada

Super !

Light and beautyful!


Super glasses! Exactly as shown!

Best optic ever

Can’t believe how quickly they go from 100% clear to mirrored in the sun. Wow. Best cycling glasses ever.

Meh. And they keep getting worse.

I've had two pairs of Chams and the quality is terrible. Lenses are great and I love the glasses when they are brand new, but the build quality is poor. First pair had the snap on the leather bridge cover break and fall off. Second pair had side guards that didn't match or fit. Both pairs had the bendable ear things break off from only a few months of use. Both pairs made of cheap metal that is not durable enough for true outdoor use and have lenses that aren't coated for any sort of scratch resistance. Overall, not worth the price (especially since they don't come with a case). I would love another pair, but I just can't justify another $250 on glasses that will be toast in 3 months.

alec ouellet
Les meilleurs

Les lunettes on un optique incroyable. Elle tienne très bien en place sur la tête et on un très beau look

stephen collin
Love these glasses

This is my second pair, first pair I have had over 8years and still have them, just wanted another pair, love these glasses

Holly D
Great product!

I bought these glasses for mountain biking and they are my first more pricey eyewear investment, and I will say, worth it. I wore them for the first time this past weekend, and they were perfectly comfortable... I actually forgot I was wearing them. No wind in the eyes, adjusted perfectly for the sunlight, no discomfort, and fit well with my helmet (no interference). I was a bit worried as the bridge of my nose is slightly thicker from a previous break and sometimes sunglasses will be a bit tight there, but not at all.... hugged my face well, no looseness and not too tight! A good product.

As expected

The photocromic lenses are amazing as would be assumed. Very high quality and working fine after a season. They go plenty clear for any goggle and dark enough for most spring days(I do see the benefit in a 0-4). Not the most scratch proof though (on par or just below average).

The frame itself fits well and is plenty ventilated and looks just fine. Foam is fine but doesn't feel THE highest quality(compared to someone like a smith). Obvious the higher end models(cyrius, lightyear, razor edge) will feel slightly more premium overal (size plays a factor).

My biggest comment on them would be the strap. I am finding the silicone lining is quite soft and will eventually peel away easily. It also seems to leave lots of residue on the helmet especially on warmer days. The adjustment is bulky and the sewn loops tend to roll around the bars and bunch up when not careful. The strap is also quite thin which I find always of contributes to a Google feeling and looking more entry level/cheap.

The photocromic technology julbo makes is unbeatable and overall they are far superior to most brand's polycarbonate. They offer this technology at a competitive price to something from Oakley, Smith, Anon, or any other premium brand all whole having not only tvix lens and of courses real photocromic technology(not just a film).

The frame it not being overlooked, it's just not the selling(especially for the cyclon). They are great goggles but not for someone who prioritize style, reputation, or a more premium feel.

Julbo makes great products and cares about them, they are made for using them in the mountains (from the very beginning). Not for looking and feeling perfectly dialed. (Not that they aren't, just different). Some people will find switching out lens with magnetic and clips a more premium experience.

Again, even without the photocromics, the lenses are higher quality than a high priced goggle from nearly any other brand and still cost what they actually should. They are great if you see the absurdity of spending $300+ on a plastic lens and logo.

Ken Konoff
Lenses are sticky

Outside surface of lens is smooth however inside of lens is sticky and doesn’t clean well pls advise.

Hi there,

Thank you for leaving a review for our product 'OUTLINE'. We're sorry to hear that you have been experiencing some stickiness with the lenses. It's normal for our product have an anti-fog treatment inside the Reactiv lens. We recommend using mild soap and clear, warm water. If you continue to have trouble, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for further assistance. Thank you for your feedback and we hope you continue to enjoy using our product.

Customer Service Team

Great backpacking glasses!

I love Julbo. These are my 3rd pair. I put regular prescription lenses in them for backpacking. The frame is very good quality and with my Paddle prescription sunglasses, I'm set day and night.
The lenses are big enough to cover my peripherals which is important. Better than standard frames for outdoor use.

Hugh Burton
Great field of vision! Comfortable!

I use mine for XC skiing. Good facial coverage for snowy, cold/windy conditions. 0 to 4 Reactive lens. I find it a bit dark in low light situations. Strap is comfortable to wear. The nose pice does not sit on one’s nose so is suspended. Not an issue for me. I’ve always worn it with a toque (wool hat) so don’t have an idea how well it fits on a bare head.