Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a professional athlete? To travel the world, compete in amazing landscapes, get to visit the most beautiful places in Canada, and do something you genuinely love? For Sarah Bergeron Larouche, that is her reality. As a Julbo Canada ambassador and an avid outdoor enthusiast, Sarah has led an incredible life on and off the trails. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Sarah’s story and some of the motivations that drive her to succeed.  Stay tuned for an exciting run with an accomplished woman!

The love of trail-running

It feels good to run on Canadian trails and breathe fresh air.
For some, this may evoke a nice walk on Mount Royal; for others, a morning run before going to work. For Sarah Bergeron Larouche, it means cross-country running and trails. Sarah is a high-level trail running athlete and runs the most beautiful courses in Canada! Between the TranSelkirks Run in British Columbia, the Quebec Mega Trail (QMT) from Charlevoix to Mont-Saint-Anne, or the trails of Lac Beauport, the runner imposes herself and exceeds her limits. With her community on Instagram, she shares her exploits and her love for animals, especially dogs. You can even follow her adventures with Ida, her Eurohound, with whom Sarah goes for mountain bike rides, trail running, skimo, and cross-country skiing. Wait. She’s telling us more.

A love story born in childhood

She’s always loved dogs, ever since she was a little girl. They’re so loyal and friendly, and they always seem to make her smile. 

When she was three years old, she used to lay down with her grandfather’s German Pointer, in the dens of the sandy grounds of Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean.

She quickly realized that dogs made the perfect running companions. They’re always enthusiastic about going for a run, no matter the weather. Her dog Ida certainly is no exception. But that’s not all. Her love for dogs goes further than just walks, and Sarah takes the opportunity to pass on this message.
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A call for help

To fulfill her “emotional desires,” as she puts it, Sarah also volunteers at a sled dog kennel. The closer a dog gets to a wolf, the more beautiful she finds it and the more fascinated she becomes. In fact, her favourite book was “Surviving with Wolves” by Misha Defonseca, and her best movie of the year was Togo, launched in 2019.

After all, who wouldn’t dream of being a musher?

When she volunteers for the Secrets Nordiques shelter, she will run or walk with the dogs. She bonds with them, tries to understand them, and loves them just the same, no matter how different they are from one another.

If you love dogs too, Sarah has a message for you: 'Go help at the shelters. There are so many dogs that need love. Adopt an abandoned dog. It may be a small part of our lives, but to it, we are its whole life. When we make the decision to adopt a puppy, we have a big responsibility to give it its best dog life.”

We are so proud to have such a beautiful person on board with Julbo Canada as an ambassador, with such a strong message and great values.
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