How to Choose a Pair of Mountain Sunglasses?

High-mountain frames must provide the wearer with optimum protection. In addition to a Category 4 lens, they must offer good protection against direct and indirect radiation, as well as from external elements. They must also be adapted for use in extreme sports.

A good frame must therefore provide:

  • Total coverage / protective side shields.
  • A pronounced curve.
  • Excellent grip.
  • A headcord (ideally).


    See our recommended models :

    The Explorer

    The highest mountains and most extreme conditions bring out the best in these sunglasses developed in collaboration with the elite climbing school in Chamonix.

    Julbo Explorer Sunglasses

    The Explorer takes glacier sunglasses to the next level: lenses with impressive protection, coverage from damaging UV rays, an anti-fog ventilation system and side shields to stop wind and snow from getting in.

    Available in an Alti Arc mineral lens, Cameleon photochromic lens and Spectron 4 polycarbonate lens.

    The Trek

    Trek's mission is to provide highly technical but light equipment for speed and for achieving optimum performance in extreme environments .

    Julbo Trek Sunglasses

    It combines the fundamental principles of mountaineering glasses with the lightness and ergonomics of traditional speed sport sunglasses. The side shields block radiation in high glare environments such as glaciers and deserts, while the suspended lens ensures clear vision, and good ventilation.  

    Available with Cameleon or Zebra lenses for optimum protection from intense solar radiation.

    The Bivouak

    The Bivouak has been designed to help its wearers handle multiple types of terrain. It is suitable to wear for every outdoor activity.

    With wide Cameleon or Zebra lenses and optimum coverage provided by the magnetic side shields, these glasses offer protection specifically adapted to mountain use.

    The Monterosa & Monteblanco

    With removable side shields, wide lenses and an ergonomic design, the MonteRosa and MonteBianco offer their wearer total protection.

    These frames combine style and simplicity with lightness, technical excellence and outstanding protection, giving users high-performance mountain glasses that are also suitable for everyday use.


    The Tensing & Tensing Medium

    The ultra-wrap profile of these glasses provides ideal protection against high-altitude sun while the side openings guarantee superior ventilation.

    These glasses offer excellent value for your money, and have been designed so that even amateur mountaineers can enjoy their sport in complete safety.

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