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What Makes NXT Lenses So Great Will Surprise You

With all the technology and jargon surrounding high quality sunglasses, it can seem impossible to know what you’re actually buying. From polarized sunglasses to photochromic lenses, to polycarbonate, Spectron and NXT technology, learning about your new pair of sunglasses can seem like an entirely too-complicated task. However, the details are what matter the most. So, consider this your crash course to NXT and why they’re an excellent feature you’ll want to have in your next pair of shades, goggles or mountaineering sunglasses.


The Photochromic Attributes

In order to understand NXT technology, you need to first know what photochromic lenses are. These are lenses that are designed to constantly and automatically adjust to the light surrounding you. There’s no need to ever change your lenses out because the weather changed or because you went inside from the outdoors and vice versa. The photochromic lenses do the adjustment for you to ensure optimal vision and UV ray protection whatever the situation is.

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The Problem with Polycarbonate Photochromic

Most photochromic lenses are designed with polycarbonate – one of the most commonly used materials in the sunglass industry, particularly for sports sunglasses. They’re affordable, lightweight and offer great quality. However, the downside is that when the photochromic elements are added to the polycarbonate, they’ll only last for a year. So, you’re left having to buy new sunglasses or sports goggles after 12 months which defeats some of the main reasons you purchased photochromic lenses in the first place. After all, when you have sunglasses and goggles that adjust to every situation, there’s no need to buy several different pairs. That is unless the photochromic lenses wear off which is what happens.


NXT Technology to Save The Day

Now, this is when the NXT technology comes in to save the day.  

To put it simply, NXT is a technology used to increase the longevity and durability of photochromic lenses.  In fact, NXT ensures the photochromic elements last for a lifetime – it never wears off.

But the benefits don’t end there either. NXT technology increases optic quality, providing optimal visual crispness and clarity. These types of lenses also have a higher scratch resistance and they are completely unbreakable. 

 Photochromic lenses, polarized lenses, polarized sunglasses, photochromic sunglasses, NXT, NXT technology, sports sunglasses, mountaineering sunglasses, polycarbonate sunglasses

The Process of NXT Technology

The process of applying NXT technology into sunglasses is also incredibly meticulous which results in better quality optics as a whole. Instead of the lenses being injected at a high temperature, which is what happens with polycarbonate photochromic lenses, NXT molds the lenses for 20 hours, allowing the photochromic elements to curate and form into the lenses. This is done at a medium temperature to avoid distortion and of course, to ensure photochromic lenses that’ll last a lifetime.


Which Ones Better?

Sunglasses and sports goggles that have NXT are better for obvious reasons. You receive better results, vision, durability, quality, scratch resistance – the list goes on. You also receive all the benefits of polycarbonate sunglasses – lightweight, affordable, etc.

However, they are more expensive because as the saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’. And this is exceptionally true when it comes to NXT polycarbonate. You can take a hammer to them and they will not break. They’ll scratch but will remain in one piece.


Many Julbo sunglasses, sports goggles, mountaineering sunglasses, etc. have NXT technology added into the creation of our optimal eyewear. So, if you’re ready to take your experience to the next level while also enjoying a lifetime worth of photochromic benefits, opt for NXT technology. You won’t regret it.