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Your sunglasses, skiing, cycling, and mountain goggles are essential to your comfort. So looking after them is important to prolong their effectiveness, duration, and performance.

Here are four tips on how to keep your glasses looking their best for longer.

Store your sunglasses in their microfibre cloth-case.

Protect your sunglasses from damage, scratches, and loss by storing them in the provided case when unused.

Always clean with the wipe supplied with the glasses.

Keep your Julbo glasses clean and scratch-free with the microfibre cloth-case included in your purchase. It’s a 2 in 1. It cleans and protects your lenses.

Avoid using clothes, tissues, or paper towels to wipe the lenses, as these can potentially damage them by rubbing dust against the glass surface. Opt for the safe and effective solution of the microfibre cloth, which absorbs dust without harming your lenses.

Degrease your lenses with mild soap and clear, warm water.

If your lenses are smudged or dirty from dirt and grease, you can easily clean them. Wash your lenses with warm and clear water and a gentle soap to remove fingerprints, grease, or mud.
Why clear water? Because the excessive accumulation of mineral particles in water (calcium and magnesium in particular) can rub and damage your lenses, whereas clear water contains fewer minerals and is 'softer' on your lenses.

Air dry your glasses for optimal results.

Please do not use a dryer or towel, as this will damage the lenses and make them more fragile. Nothing beats fresh air!