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Julbo offers a wide array of Alpine and XC goggles with the same quality lenses found in your sunglasses.


Babies, kids and young teens need sunglasses more than adults too. Since the human eye is not fully developed until children reach 15, they are particularly vulnerable to the hazards of the sun’s rays. Julbo is committed to helping parents find the right frames and lenses you need to protect your children’s vision. We offer fashionable eyewear suitable for all ages, from toddlers to young adults.

Regardless if you spend your weekends sailing on a lake or kayaking along a river, you will find everything you need in Julbo’s Nautical collection, including frames that float! To protect against the glare off the surface of the water, water, most models in this collection come with polarised lenses. Moreover, the Octopus lens is also offered - with a hydrophobic coating which makes water pearl off the lens right away, it automatically adjusts to the sun’s intensity. Since every lens in this collection is tinted grey, they will enable you to enjoy your environment, rendered naturally.

Whether you love climbing mountains or exploring the desert, the Mountain collection is right for you. These glasses provide better coverage and protection against harmful sunrays for the first-time hiker as well as the experienced mountaineer. In addition, the sunglasses in this collection are offered in the category 4 lens option. This lens is specifically designed to protect your eyes in extremely luminous environments such as the desert or any high altitude.

Do you participate in sports that demand speed and lots of movement like mountain biking, trail running or cross-country skiing? As an Athlete, you will find that Julbo glasses in this category will provide a tight and comfortable fit. From style to performance, the Speed category has everything to satisfy your active lifestyle. Moreover, these sunglasses can be matched to Zebra lenses, whose degree of , protection immediately adapts to the lighting conditions in your current environment, transitioning with you as you move between sun and shade.

Travelling with style is good. But travelling with style and outstanding protection is even better! With our Travel range, we see further than others with products that are both technically excellent and attractive. Impeccable finish, total comfort and uncompromising lenses: the Julbo philosophy gives you outstanding looks and protection wherever you are, from the lagoons to the heart of Japan.

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