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  Contrary to popular belief, polarized sunglasses aren’t for every situation. In fact, they only add value to your experience when worn in the right environment. Since polarized sunglasses reduce the effects of glare by bouncing the sun rays off of reflective surfaces, they don’t do anything extra when worn in areas where there are no reflections. However, if you’re wanting to know what type of environments polarize sunglasses thrive in, think anything with a ton of reflection and/or glare. Here are some of our favourite places and activities where our premium line of polarized sunglasses will absolutely blow your...

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With all the technology and jargon surrounding high quality sunglasses, it can seem impossible to know what you’re actually buying. From polarized sunglasses to photochromic lenses, to polycarbonate, Spectron and NXT technology, learning about your new pair of sunglasses can seem like an entirely too-complicated task. However, the details are what matter the most. So, consider this your crash course to NXT and why they’re an excellent feature you’ll want to have in your next pair of shades, goggles or mountaineering sunglasses.   The Photochromic Attributes In order to understand NXT technology, you need to first know what photochromic lenses...

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking sunglasses are just style. They’re an essential piece of equipment required to maintain optimal eye health. Considering studies have shown that most people reach 80% of maximum sun exposure by the time they reach age 18, it’s time to finally get yourself a good pair of quality sunglasses – and some high SPF sunscreen, of course. But for the sake of avoiding confusion, let’s focus on the shocking reasons you should be wearing photochromic or polarized sunglasses anytime and every time you’re subjected to UV rays. And yes, that also means on cloudy days....

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Oh, the photochromic lenses vs. polarized lenses – a debate that never seems to be settled. This question simply can’t be answered with a “this – or that” because the details found in both polarized and photochromic lenses are beneficial in their own right. Both lenses are great at doing what they do and both can be “the best” depending on the situation and occasion. So, as you can see, the answer as to which sunglass lenses are the best isn’t a simple answer but we’re going to get down to the bottom of it today.      What are...

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