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5 Situations Where Polarized Sunglasses are a Must


Contrary to popular belief, polarized sunglasses aren’t for every situation. In fact, they only add value to your experience when worn in the right environment. Since polarized sunglasses reduce the effects of glare by bouncing the sun rays off of reflective surfaces, they don’t do anything extra when worn in areas where there are no reflections.

However, if you’re wanting to know what type of environments polarize sunglasses thrive in, think anything with a ton of reflection and/or glare. Here are some of our favourite places and activities where our premium line of polarized sunglasses will absolutely blow your mind in terms of comfort and visual clarity.




Anytime you’re out on the water, polarized sunglasses are a must. Without them, you only see the surface of the water and the reflection of the sky shining down on it. You don’t get to see deep into the water, so it can be difficult to fish. That’s also not to mention that without polarized sunglasses, you’ll be missing out on all the stunning visuals that from beneath the surface.

So, polarized sunglasses should be just as vital to your fishing experience as are your tackle box and fishing pole.  


Water Sports

Grab your wakeboard, jet skis, kayak, oh my. If you enjoy water sports, you’ll benefit greatly from polarized sunglasses, as they will help you maneuver across the water more efficiently. Without the glares coming off the water, you’re able to see more clearly and who knows, you may even catch some waves you never knew were even possible. So, make sure your next pair of water sports sunglasses are polarized.

Polarized sunglasses, polarized lenses, lifestyle sunglasses, cycling sunglasses, sports sunglasses,  

At the Beach

Speaking of water, you don’t have to be on the water to relish the benefits of polarized sunglasses. Anyone who has even been to the beach with cheap sunglasses knows just how powerful the sun is when reflecting off the water. You end up squinting the entire time, which results in more than just weird tan lines on your forehead.

So, polarized sunglasses are ideal for the beach. You can look out into the water without struggling to see what’s actually going on, which is excellent if you have little ones with you. You can also decrease eye strain and all the side effects that come from it, all the while enjoying a clearer, crisper look at the scenery.


Skiing, Snowboarding or Hiking the Slopes

On the opposite side of the beachy shorelines, you’ll find snow-covered mountains. Although the two couldn’t be any more opposite, there is one thing they have in common – an abundance of glares.

Snow reflects the suns UV rays the same way water does. This instantly limits your vision and when climbing to the top of mountains or soaring down from the top to the bottom, this will directly – and drastically - affect your safety.

It’s imperative that you have optimal visuals when skiing, snowboarding or mountaineering. Polarized sunglasses will eliminate the effects of glares, so you can you can properly and safely navigate the area.



You don’t have to be participating in some extreme water sports, relaxing on the shore or skiing down snow-covered slopes in order to reap the benefits of polarized sunglasses. In fact, they’re an excellent choice for regular daily activities, such as driving.

Driving comes with various glares and reflections. From various types of precipitation to the lights lining city streets and shining from other cars, it’s not uncommon to be temporarily blinded while operating a vehicle. However, this can be extremely dangerous for obvious reasons. Polarized sunglasses for driving are an excellent solution that’ll reduce those glares and help you safely drive from day to night.   

Polarized sunglasses, polarized lenses, lifestyle sunglasses, cycling sunglasses, sports sunglasses,  

Wearing polarized sunglasses in the wrong scenarios can actually hinder your experience. After all, if you’re a cyclist or runner, you need to see reflections in order to steer clear of man holes, puddles, ice, etc. So, polarized sunglasses wouldn’t be ideal for you. Instead, you’re better off with Zebra Light lenses or Spectron lenses.

Otherwise, polarized sunglasses can be an optimal choice of eyewear for various sports, driving and lifestyle activities. Shop the Julbo Collection today.


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