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Meet Steffi who received the Julbo / ACMG Scholarship

As the 2019 recipient of the Julbo/ACMG scholarship I would like to thank you for your support! Becoming a guide is a long and expensive process; financial help from the industry is very much appreciated.   To let you know whom you're supporting: I grew up in Germany, where my...

What Makes NXT Lenses So Great Will Surprise You

With all the technology and jargon surrounding high quality sunglasses, it can seem impossible to know what you’re actually buying. From polarized sunglasses to photochromic lenses, to polycarbonate, Spectron and NXT technology, learning about your new pair of sunglasses can seem like an entirely too-complicated task. However, the details are...

What Does That Sunglass Terminology Really Mean For Your Eyewear

To most, sunglasses are nothing more than lenses inside a frame. They sit on your face to protect your eyes from the sun. Simple. But not so quick. Sunglasses are significantly more elaborate than that and it’s the details that make them so powerful. Better yet, it’s the sunglass terminology...