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Pink, brown, gold, oh my! Sunglasses come in a wide range of different colours, and they aren’t just for aesthetics. The colour of the lens actually plays a vital role in the overall visual comfort you receive when peering through them, as it filters the light differently. As such, the colour of the lens also dictates what type of situations and environments they perform best in.  So, while those brown lenses might look great, they may not be ideal for your intended use. It all comes down to the lens colour, and it’s time to figure out what each one...

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Just when you think prescription sunglasses are nothing more than your prescription in tinted lenses, you stumble across this awesome article. Prescription sunglasses are high-tech equipment designed to create the perfect vision quality. There are various customizable options and ultra-high performance visual solutions available right within the frame when you choose the right lens.  So, before you purchase your next pair of prescription sunglasses, consider these 10 Julbo facts.   Julbo Has a High-Tech Unit Entirely Dedicated to Prescription Sunglasses You bet! Julbo has an RX Trem Laboratory entirely dedicated to prescription sunglasses. This allows us to ensure we always...

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