Trail Runners Rave about the Julbo Ultra

The publication This Ultra Life just featured the Ultra as one of their favorite pair of sunglasses in their section Tested Tuesday.  Check it out or read below!

Tested Tuesdays

With winter finally behind us I think its safe to finally put the winter running gear away and start to enjoy the great spring weather we have been having.

Sunglasses are an important part of any training kit for a myriad of reasons. They help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, tree branches and other hazards of the trail like those damn May flies and can even help focus the trail better so you don’t take a tumble.

Here are two pairs of sunglasses that have found their way into regular rotation during my sunny runs this spring.

UltraJ copy


There are a few factors that really set these apart from other sunglasses for me. One being the Zebra lenses. They are clear, change with the amount of ambient light in order to give you the right amount shade and the are about as scratch resistant as you can get (I plowed full on into a tree snowshoeing and nary a nick on the shades)

Some of the other nice feature include plenty of ventilation so you don’t fog up, super lightweight frame that is comfortable to wear for hours and they really hug your head without pinching which I found some style did in order to keep them secure.

 Cost: $200 (CAN)


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