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101 on Picking the Best Sunglasses for Running

If you’ve ever tried running while wearing a cheap pair of sunglasses, you know the struggle is real. When you’re trotting along, sweating up a storm, staring into the sunlight and maneuvering up and down windy hills, you need a pair of running sunglasses that are like a stick in the mud. You know, the type of sunglasses you can run marathons in, do flips in , and even ride a rollercoaster in, knowing they won't budge? Those are the type of running sunglasses you need.

And don't be fooled. Just because a store has placed them in the marathon section of their fitness products doesn’t make those sunglasses ideal for running.

It takes a bit of knowledge to know how to pick the best sunglasses for running, as you have to know the ins and outs, along with the pros and cons of different materials, frames, shields, lenses, fits and much more. And you guessed it! We have everything you need to know right here at Julbo.


Choose a frame shape that flows with your face

Think beyond the lenses! The frame is the first, and arguably, the most important step to choosing the best sunglasses for running. After all, a frame that’s not a perfect fit for your face will be doing all sorts of bouncing around when you reach your peak pace. So, never underestimate this step.

The rule of thumb is to find a fit that’s snug, lightweight and comfortable. There are various sunglass shields and grips you can add to further increase the fit, which we’ll get to in just a moment. For now, let’s go over the standard sunglass shapes and what they’ll do for you:

  • Total Cover sunglass frames provide maximum protection against harsh sunlight
  • Wrap-Around sunglass frames have a curved frame with wide temples to provide ultimate protection in the sunniest of situations
  • Panoramic sunglass frames have wide lenses to provide you with a broad vision spectrum
  • Sunglasses with curved temples are great for a stronger hold on the face and head
  • Curved wrapping frames are even better for runners, as they are designed to hold with sharp and repeated movements, such as running


Consider the conditions in which you run

The best sunglasses for running for one person aren’t necessarily going to be the best for the next. These are various conditions that affect the effectivity and comfort of your sunglasses, as well as the overall quality of your run. So, always consider the specifics of your run and/or marathon. Here are some marathon sunglass tips to get your brain thinking beyond the aesthetics of your next pair of shades:

  • If you like to run early in the morning, you’ll want marathon sunglasses that have full ventilation to allow complete air circulation to avoid fog
  • If you run when the sunlight is at its strongest, consider total cover sunglasses that provide maximum protection against extreme sunlight
  • If you run near the water or along the lake, you’ll want a frame with polarized lens


Enhance the fit and customize to your circumstances

How to pick sunglasses for running, running sunglasses, marathon sunglasses, sports sunglasses, best sunglasses for running

The last step to choosing the best pair of running sunglasses is to enhance the fit and customize to your circumstances. We touched on this briefly in the previous section but here, we’ll be going over the various features and additions you can have on your shades that’ll help you get to the finish line.

  • Grip techs increase the hold and comfort
  • Flex nose grips create the perfect fit for optimal hold in all situations
  • 3D flex nose grips are adjustable in every direction and are unbeatable in all conditions
  • Cord attachments keep your sunglasses on you if they happen to slip, making them ideal for marathon sunglasses


Before the starter pistol goes off, make sure you have the best pair of running sunglasses and you’ll actually be prepared to set and go. Shop Julbo’s collection of premium marathon sunglasses today.

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