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The Ins and Outs of Photochromic Lenses Technology and Sunglasses

UV protection, tinted, polarized, photochromic, oh my. If you’re not a self-proclaimed sunglass expert, these terms can be quite confusing; determining which type of sunglass is the best for you is even more so.

Well, we’re here to make your life and sunglass shopping easier. So, let’s forget about all the rest and focus on the best sunglass lenses out there – photochromic lenses. Since the light varies from day to day, you need a pair of sunglasses that prevail in every situation they're presented with and that’s exactly what photochromic sunglasses do.

What are photochromic sunglasses?

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There’s no better place to start your sunglass shopping than with the definition of photochromic lenses. To put it simply, photochromic lenses are high-performance lenses that provide crystal clear vision, whatever the lighting. They’re designed to automatically adjust to the amount of sunlight you’re being exposed to, to provide you with razor sharp vision and ultimate clarity, without any squinting.

To put it into perspective, photochromic lenses automatically darken as the light exposure increases, and they automatically lighten as the day progresses and gets darker. This is a huge benefit to having photochromic sunglasses because the weather changes every minute; every hour; every day; every week; every season and well, you get the idea.

The crazy thing is, people rarely change their lenses. So, they’re stuck with a pair of sunglasses that are only ideal for one type of situation, even though they’re being exposed to several different light conditions each day. Photochromic sunglasses are the solution to maintain maximum protection and clarity, whatever the weather.


The incredible technology behind photochromic lenses

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Photochromic sunglasses are able to adapt to various light conditions due to the incredible technology infused into the lenses. With the use of a process called imbibing, unique photochromic dyes are infused into the lenses material, as opposed to being a coating that’s applied. The dyes contain molecules that react to UV light exposure and temperature which allows them to light or darken as needed.

Different types of photochromic lenses

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If that didn’t amaze you enough, this certainly will. Julbo has various types of photochromic lenses designed to enhance your visuals even more. Here is a quick breakdown of what you can expect from each:

  • Zebra 2-4 photochromic lenses are great for transition from shadow to light, have a stylish gold tint for optimal lightness and protection and offer great versatility
  • Zebra Light 1-3 photochromic lenses are ideal for all weather including all conditions, have a yellow tint for optimal lightness and are just as efficient on sunny days as they are during the night or while in bad weather
  • Zebra Light Red 1-3 photochromic lenses have a nice red tint that enhances details, are efficient for cloudy and sunny days, and are ideal when exploring and reading landscape
  • Cameleon 2-4 photochromic lenses are great for adjusting to different extremities, are polarized and have a brown tint for optimal protection and visuals, making them ideal for mountaineering sunglasses or for skiing slopes at high altitudes
  • Snowtiger 2-4 photochromic lenses are great for optimal visual comfort while skiing or snowboarding, have a sufficient amount of glare control, a nice orange time to improve contrasts and are great for all situations, including whiteouts
  • Octopus 2-4 photochromic, polarized and water-reppellent lens, developed for nautical environment and suitable for all water sports.

Photochromic sunglasses are versatility at its finest. There’s no need to change your sunglasses as the seasons change, as the weather shifts, as the day progresses or as the situation lightens or darkens. Photochromic lenses provide optimal visuals every day, everywhere, every situation and every light condition.  So, stop cutting your vision short and shop Julbo today to ensure you have the best pair of photochromic sunglasses ready for your next adventure.