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Whoever said camping is only for the summer season has never experienced the excitement of winter camping. While it’s certainly colder and you won’t be taking any dips in one of the 31,500 lakes in Canada, camping during the winter offers many new and exciting opportunities. So, whether you’re going mountain hiking in hopes of finding an isolated, wild slope to ski down or simply want to enjoy the season in a unique way, here are the best Canadian places for winter camping.   Strathcona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island If you’ve never been to Vancouver Island, ‘tis the season...

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The holiday season is full of joy and excitement, and it just keeps getting better. Many Canadian ski resorts are offering exclusive Christmas holiday deals and experiences for the snow-loving enthusiasts out there. So, if you’re hoping to escape the city for some snowy slopes this holiday season, here are the best ski resorts in Canada to do just that.   Anywhere in or Around Banff, Alberta While not every ski resort is offering exclusive discounts for the holidays, every ski resort is Banff is certain to offer you a long list of unforgettable moments on the snowy slopes. After...

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