Snow goggles, skiing, snowboarding, snow gear, ski jacket, tips to keep you warm and dry,

Hacks to Keep You Dry and Warm While Snowboarding or Skiing

There’s nothing worse than having a blast on the slopes and having to call it quits because you’re too cold. Considering how freezing it is when you reach those high altitude at the peak of the mountain, this happens more times than any avid skier or snowboarder likes to admit. So, let’s make sure you get the most out of your slope pass and your skiing or snowing aspirations this winter season. Here are some hacks to keep you warm and dry.

 Snow goggles, skiing, snowboarding, snow gear, ski jacket, tips to keep you warm and dry,

Wear the right kind of snow goggles

The first step to keeping yourself warm and dry, so you can ride the slopes for longer is to wear the right kind of snow goggles. It’s a common misconception that any snow goggles will do but this is one mistake that can leave you uncomfortable and freezing. That's also not to mention that wearing the wrong kind of snow goggles can also limit your skiing or snowboarding experience.

So, start wearing the right kind of snow goggles. You want a pair of goggles that great a good seal against your face to help trap in the heat. Unfortunately, this can lead to the lenses fogging up. So, you’ll also want to make sure your snow goggles have optimal ventilation for proper air circulation to avoid fog. Julbo has an excellent selection of ventilation snow goggles


Don’t forget your face

While a good pair of snow goggles will provide you with optimal coverage, there will still be some skin left to brave the cold. Adding on a full-face balaclava is an excellent way to keep you warm from your nose right down to your neck. These are also a pretty big trend right now, so there are plenty of stylish ones to choose from.

Snow goggles, skiing, snowboarding, snow gear, ski jacket, tips to keep you warm and dry,

Keep your head, hands and feet warm at all times

As long as your head, hands and feet are warm, you can snowboard down the slopes in a bathing suit without every thinking twice about it. Okay, maybe not quite but you’ll definitely be toasty warm.

Your head, hands and feet are the three areas of the body that lose the most heat. So, keeping them warm is vital to your overall comfort while sliding down the slopes. As a rule of thumb, never skimp out on a mittens, hats or footwear. If you can’t afford high quality versions of each, consider adding in affordable liners or warmers where needed.


Prioritize your base letter

It’s easy to assume that your ski jacket and snow pants are the most important components to keeping you warm. However, what you wear underneath your snowboard or ski gear is just as important. The warmer your base layer, the warmer you’ll be on the slopes. So, forbid that epic t-shirt and opt for some good thermals instead.

 Snow goggles, skiing, snowboarding, snow gear, ski jacket, tips to keep you warm and dry,

Weatherproof is better than waterproof

It seems odd that some snow gear companies don’t consider the weather when manufacturing their products. However, this happens more times than not. Just because you’re wearing a ski jacket doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s weatherproof. It might be waterproof but you want snow gear that’s waterproof, breathable and insulated to ensure you stay warm while sliding down those chilly slopes. 


Get Better Socks

We aren’t sure what’s worse than having cold toes while skiing or snowboarding. You need your feet to be working in optimal condition in order to maneuver down the slopes and cold toes simply won't do.

Opt for socks that are designed specifically for skiing or snowboarding. Sometimes, thicker isn’t always better. Your comfort and warmth are all in the details of the fabric. So, pay attention to what you wear on your toes! 


With these snowboarding and skiing tips, you can zip down those slopes day to night without ever feeling the frightful weather. Shop Julbo today.


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