Elevation Outdoor Reviews and Praises the New Universe Ski Goggle from Julbo

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Mountaineers worldwide know the quality, fit and durability offered by the classic French Julbo brand, a name associated with the culture and sport of high alpine skiing and climbing. A few seasons ago, the iconic brand entered the U.S. sunglasses market and then the winter goggle market. It was a great boon to hardcore skiers.

The new Julbo Universe goggle, specifically, with the Snow Tiger lens, is the new offering for Fall that is worth, um, looking into.
The new Snow Tiger lens is 53-percent polarized so it highlights terrain but doesn’t distort up close vision on things like a smartphone screen. The specialized anti-glare coating is designed to reduce and make manageable bright sunbursts high alpine skiers and mountaineers experience from snow and sun.

Julbo is an industry leader in photochromic lenses right now, and the Snow Tiger photochromic is faster acting in darkening and lightening than any competitor we’ve been able to test. There are some great lens-changing systems out there but this essentially eliminates the need.

Athletes and weekend warriors take note — Julbo’s focus is strictly on mountain sports and the specific needs of mountain athletes. Look for the hashtag #mountainvision to learn more about Julbo and find the new Universe Goggle at a specialty retailer near you

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