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10 Fun Julbo Facts About Prescription Sunglasses Everyone Should Know

Just when you think prescription sunglasses are nothing more than your prescription in tinted lenses, you stumble across this awesome article. Prescription sunglasses are high-tech equipment designed to create the perfect vision quality. There are various customizable options and ultra-high performance visual solutions available right within the frame when you choose the right lens.  So, before you purchase your next pair of prescription sunglasses, consider these 10 Julbo facts.


Julbo Has a High-Tech Unit Entirely Dedicated to Prescription Sunglasses

You bet! Julbo has an RX Trem Laboratory entirely dedicated to prescription sunglasses. This allows us to ensure we always have the most innovative and appropriate solutions for you. Our laboratory focuses on finding the latest digital technologies to produce the best lenses in both design and transparency.


Julbo Offers A Wide Variety of Surface Coatings

It’s easy to assume that the lenses only need a tinted coating to turn your prescription into prescription sunglasses, but don’t be mistaken. There is an abundance of options from hardening coatings to anti-reflective coatings, water-repellent, oil-repellent, flash finish and much more. So, explore the horizon before committing to a coating.


Julbo Has a Lens Cutting Workshop

A lens cutting workshop? You better believe it. Located in our RX laboratory, we have a lens cutting workshop to ensure every lens is fitted for frames with the highest degree of accuracy. In other words, our prescription sunglasses are specifically cut to match the curves of your frames, vision and lifestyle perfectly. This provides optimal comfort and vision in all situations and from all angles.


Julbo is The Only Brand in France with Its Own RX Laboratory

 Just when you thought Julbo couldn’t get any more original and innovative, you discover that we are the only brand in France that has its very own RX laboratory. Although we are Julbo Canada, this is definitely worth mentioning, as it means that every aspect of your prescription sunglasses is processed in our Julbo laboratory. Nothing is outsourced to some strange warehouse or manufacturer. Everything is done entirely in-house to ensure high level of quality, service, responsiveness and choice.   


Julbo Has The Secret for Almost Instantaneous Adaptation

If you’re interested in photochromic lenses, this is a fun fact you’ll want to pay attention to. Julbo now has its own polishing and surfacing laboratory equipped with the latest digital technologies to offer the best lens designs. In fact, we hold the secret to adaptation that is almost immediate. So, you can go from clear and comfortable vision to tinted and toned in seconds.


Julbo Gives You an Ultra-Performance Guarantee with Prescription Sunglasses

One thing truly unique about Julbo’s prescription sunglasses is the RX Trem card you receive with your purchase. This provides you with a three-month adaptation guarantee!


Julbo Prescription Sunglasses are Light and Mighty

It’s easy to assume that the lighter the prescription sunglasses, the weaker they are, but this simply isn’t the case with Julbo prescription sunglasses. We offer RX Trem lenses in NXT and PC – two incredibly light materials that are just as tough, making them awesome options for sports and outdoor activities.


Julbo Doesn’t Just Coat the Lens

One major advantage to wearing Julbo prescription sunglasses is that the lenses aren’t just dipped into some coloured tint. Instead, we use special treatment technology that colours, polarizes and applies photochromic elements well throughout the entire depth of the lens. This allows for optimal durability and resistance.


Julbo Has the Secret to Mounting Prescription Lenses Properly

No lenses should ever be popped into the frame. Instead, they need to be mounted properly to ensure optimal comfort, durability and vision – and Julbo has the secret. Why is this important, you ask?

To put it simply, sports sunglasses have more of a curved shape than conventional prescription sunglasses which are typically flatter.  The curved frame has a high panoramic angle which means that optical correction must be done precisely to compensate for the frames geometry.

Sport prescription lenses are also bigger to provide a wide angle of vision. This means that a lens needs to have an expanded optical center to cover the entire lens from all angles of vision.


Julbo’s “Spectron” Provides Many Possibilities for Prescription Sunglasses

Without getting into the technical jargon, let’s talk lens technology. The Spectron 3 lenses are made with polycarbonate lenses which are light and have a good impact resistance. As such, they’re an excellent option for prescription sunglasses worn when playing sports.

Spectron 4 lenses are also made with polycarbonate lenses but they’re designed to provide a high level of protection in the mountains. However, it doesn’t end there.

The Spectron lenses collection includes frames that are suitable for all types of budgets. The Category 3 brown lenses are excellent for multi-purpose use; the Category 4 brown lenses are ideal for maximum protection in situations that have a lot of glare and the Category 3 grey lenses have a polarized filter to also eliminate glare… And that’s just to name a few.

Julbo’s collection of prescription sunglasses offer a wide range of possibilities, from different category levels to lens types, tints, coatings and much more.


And there you have it! Ten fun facts about the Julbo brand and the wide range of prescription sunglasses available. While it’s easy to assume that any prescription sunglasses will do, you’ll now be able to see that the power of your prescription and visual comfort is all in the details. So, before you slap down your credit card at some pop-up shop, it’s important to look deep into the depths of the lens prior to purchasing. You only get one pair of eyes and once they’re gone, there’s no going back. So, make sure you protect them with the right kind of technology, quality and care.


Now, if you aren’t looking for prescription sunglasses but are intrigued by these awesome Julbo facts, you’ll be happy to know that this same level of quality, research, design and manufacturing is consistent with all Julbo products. So, whether you’re looking for prescription sunglasses, sports sunglasses or prescription sports sunglasses, you’ve come to the right place.

Shop Julbo Canada today and take your vision to new horizons.

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