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What the Different Coloured Lenses in Sunglasses Mean

Pink, brown, gold, oh my! Sunglasses come in a wide range of different colours, and they aren’t just for aesthetics. The colour of the lens actually plays a vital role in the overall visual comfort you receive when peering through them, as it filters the light differently. As such, the colour of the lens also dictates what type of situations and environments they perform best in.  So, while those brown lenses might look great, they may not be ideal for your intended use. It all comes down to the lens colour, and it’s time to figure out what each one means.   All About The Brown Lenses Ideal for everyday conditions Enhances contract Improves depth perfection Inarguably, one of the most common colour of lens found in sunglasses is brown. It’s versatile, looks good with everyone and is timeless. However, there are many additional benefits that come with brown lenses. Generally speaking, brown lenses accentuate relief. They’re ideal for sunny or partly cloudy days and can be worn while doing various activities, from driving to fishing, golfing, playing outdoor sports, etc. However, if you are going to be on the water, it’s highly recommended to opt for polarized brown lenses to eliminate the glares reflecting off of the water’s surface.   The Nitty Gritty on Green Lenses Ideal for general purpose use and all outdoor sports Dims glares Brightens shadows Provides good contrast in low-light conditions Green lenses aren’t that common when it comes to fashion sunglasses but they’re actually a popular choice for sports sunglasses, as the colour naturally dims glares. This makes them ideal for cycling sunglasses, fishing sunglasses, golf sunglasses, leisure sunglasses and sports sunglasses. However, it’s important to know that just because the lenses are green and provide a slight decrease in glare, they aren’t near as effective at eliminating glares as polarized sunglasses are. So, if you plan on fishing or sailing while wearing sunglasses, opt for polarized green lenses for optimal vision and comfort.   Putting the Mellow in Yellow Lenses Better clarity in low-light or foggy conditions Ideal for wearing at the computer Generally speaking, yellow lenses in sunglasses are great for accentuating relief. The mellow yellow tone filters out blue light that comes from computer screens and other electronics, and that are commonly associated with eye strain, fatigue and headaches. So, this lens colour is ideal for just hanging out indoors. (Julbo sells sunglasses for the outdoors not for indoors. There is no need to talk about indoor usage) Due to the calmness of the tone, yellow lenses are also great when navigating through low-light conditions, whether skiing, cycling, hiking, etc. However, if you do intend on wearing yellow lenses while do such activities, it’s highly recommended to opt for photochromic lenses that will adjust the tint to suit the changes in your environment. (why yellow lenses need to be photochromic more than others?)   Getting into The Details of Grey Lenses Ideal for general purpose use Reliable colour reproduction Reduces eye fatigue Minimizes glare Grey lenses are yet another popular lens colour choice – and for all the right reasons. They’re a great lens colour for everyday activities and conditions, from sunny, cloudy and foggy days to low-light situations. You can wear grey lenses while cycling or driving, fishing, golfing, relaxing, skiing, playing outdoor sports – you name it. The options are endless. The important thing to know is that the type of lens you choose is most important. For example, you'll want to wear grey lenses while fishing as the colour doesn't have any filters, but opting for polarized grey lenses is going to effectively reduce the glares significantly more.    Reading Up on Red Lenses Ideal for driving Improves visual depth Reduces eye strain Red or pink lenses are quickly growing in popularity, particularly due to the aesthetics and the decrease in eye strain that comes with them. These lenses are ideal for sunny, cloudy and snowy days, and are ideal for driving sunglasses, ski goggles or cycling sunglasses, as the colour enhances visual depth while also providing good visibility. Now, similar to the prior, it’s crucial to place importance on the type of lens you choose. For example, if you’re driving, you might opt for just any ole’ red lenses but if you’re skiing, you’ll want to opt for photochromic or polarized red lenses in your snow goggles.   The lens colour has a lot more to do with what you see things, as opposed to how well you see it. However, it’s important to consider both when choosing your next pair of sunglasses or snow goggles to ensure optimal visual comfort and protection from harmful UV rays and glares. Julbo Canada has the perfect combination of coloured lenses infused in either polarized or photochromic lenses.