Paddle - Spectron 3 - Blue

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Floatability, grip and style. The surf spirit is all around us: on every beach, lake shore and river meander, the new heroes of stand-up paddle are walking on water! With Paddle, Julbo has come up with the perfect mix of technical excellence and beach style. The innovative construction of the frame contains thousands of airbubbles for genuine floatability. With Grip Tech temples and Nose Grip, these sunglasses stay in place and defy find, waves and choppy seas with no fear of falling. Thanks to their rectangular design and Californian feel, you're sure to take them everywhere: on the water, to the beach, and way beond.

  • Features: Polycarbonate Lenses, Bubble Frame, Curved Temples, Grip Tech, Grip Nose, Cord Attachment, Floating Cord