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Les Nomades, Ambassadeur Julbo:  MANIC 555, CETTE MISSION « BIKES PACKING »...

Les Nomades, Ambassadeur Julbo: MANIC 555, CETTE MISSION « BIKES PACKING »...

Partenaires dans la vie et sur la route, nous sommes...
by Yannick Charbonneau on December 04, 2019
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What Makes NXT Lenses So Great Will Surprise You

With all the technology and jargon surrounding high quality sunglasses,...
by Chantal McCulligh on December 05, 2017
eye health, sunglasses, photochromic sunglasses, UV rays, eye damage, eye cells, eye concerns, eye conditions, polarized sunglasses, photochromic lenses

5 Shocking Reasons You Should Wear Sunglasses More Than You Do

Don’t make the mistake of thinking sunglasses are just style....
by Chantal McCulligh on November 06, 2017
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Polarized Lenses: vs. Photochromic Lenses: Which Ones are Best?

Oh, the photochromic lenses vs. polarized lenses – a debate...
by Chantal McCulligh on October 30, 2017
photochromic lenses, photochromic sunglasses, what are photochromic lenses, what are photochromic sunglasses,

The Ins and Outs of Photochromic Lenses Technology and Sunglasses

UV protection, tinted, polarized, photochromic, oh my. If you’re not...
by Chantal McCulligh on October 19, 2017



Since 1888 Julbo has been innovating for 130 years, protecting the eyes and nourishing the dreams of sportspeople, explorers, walkers and children from all over the world. 125 years fly by when your head is always full of ideas and dreams. Drawing inspiration from its heritage Julbo wants to be known for its outdoor spirit in the eyewear market. We will soon be releasing new ranges and new products but always with that same taste for adventure and freedom that allows everyone to see the world even better.



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