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Perfect for racing
"When you don't want to worry about anything but the finish line... the Julbo, Aero sunglasses are what you want on your face! They fit really well, have a smart design and they look cool! The photochromic lenses are key in ultras, going in and out of the forest, you never have to take them off. I highly recommend these shades! "
Mackey C.
Great glasses!
"Super fast shipping, great customer service. The glasses themselves are great quality and very comfortable for my daughter - finding glasses that don’t have prominent nose pads that don’t dig into the skin too much is very difficult and these are perfect. Really grateful to have found them!"
Louise H.
"Like the fit and the zebra glass."
André B.
"Love the Tamamg. The side wall Offers greats protection. "
Michelle K.
Julbo Slick sunglasses
"Great performance with style A good purchase no doubt"
Richard H.
Best general purpose sunnies, EVER!
"first rate fit for my average sized face, perfect coverage - almost as good as glacier glasses for keeping unwanted light out - and the Falcon lenses are easily worth the extra money. Where them everyday so far this summer: driving, climbing, hiking (when I can't avoid it), walking around town - shade or full sun, there is no glare and excellent contrast. Best sunnies ever!"
Jason G.
Explorer 2.0 performs well, durable
"These sunglasses have been more than enough protection while working through the year on snow and ice. I have the chameleon lenses which are quite dark but that affords the protection I need and they do brighten considerably as it gets darker out. Additionally they are one of the few sunglasses I have owned that have all the qualities I need to be used almost all day everyday be it rock climbing, skiing touring, running, or mountaineering. Coverage: they wrap my face and don't let stray light in, even with the shields off. Fit: they don't move on my face and have adjustable arms to wrap your head or fit under helmets Ventilation; if I'm fogging up, it's generally because they need to be washed or I'm going at an unsustainable pace Lens Durability: this is where they stand out. Aside from one other brand also not yet super common in North America all sunglass lenses be it expensive or cheaper that I have owned have easily damaged lenses. I get mine dirty, i rock climb in them, i use them heavily and they have not scratched or shown signs of wear. Bravo. Frame Durability: great except for the clip on shields and attachment points which have proved to be slightly delicate but I dont find the shields necessary. They also still function fine even though they have some cracks. Optical clarity: unlike less well made shades I have never had any eye fatigue from wearing these for prolonged periods Job well done. "
Dylan C.
i like them. however they
"i like them. however they were stolen from my vehicle the night i received them"
Dean C.
Great company and products
"Glasses are very nice. They have large lenses that cover lots. Well constructed. Built for a ever so slightly larger head than mine so not totally secure when I push them up on my head. But not too bad and fine if I have a hat on. "
Mike S.
Great Glasses
"I was tired of buying cheap sunglasses and liked the look of these. I use them while riding my motorcycle and couldn't be happier. Well okay maybe a little. It would have been nice if they came with a small case or even a cloth bag to protect them while in my saddle bag while riding at night. The fit is perfect and I find these very comfortable including the nose piece. "
Tim M.
"Bought replacement temples for the Julbo Vermont Classic and broke one of them pretty quick. The design is perfect save for the fact that the temples can break easily. One is still good so I attach one side to me head and then wobble into place the other side like a noodle cuz it broken, no problemo, still good"
Percy P.
Top notch
"Very light, perfect fit. I would buy again."
Les H.
Very satisfied
"I really love these"
Mark M.
Simply the best glacier glasses
"These are fantastic snow and outdoor sunglasses. The Spectra4 lenses offer very good colour rendition and I'm really happy with them. The glasses are comfortable, they hug my face (no stray light) and the earpieces and retainer cord keep them on my head very well. I now own two of these."
James R.
"Perfect fit and awesomely light. "
Paul S.
The best
"Best glacier glasses I've ever owned. "
Paul S.
Best sunglasses ever
"Love these glasses because they are feather light, well ventilated, fit under my helmet and over my hats, and stay put on my face. The optics are superb as well. Will be buying my third pair soon!"
Sharon W.
made for water!
"The wave glasses are excellent for their purpose, they fit very close and keep the wind away from your eyes at speed. would recommend them to anyone who enjoys water sports."
Shawn H.
Awesome eye protection.
"I am an active outdoorsman who has also experienced ocular problems that have damaged my eyes and made them very sensitive to light and wind. I have tried many high end alpine types of glasses and this Julbo Explorer is the very best for eye protection, fit and durability. "
Garry D.
livraison rapide et lunettes de
"livraison rapide et lunettes de qualité. Vive la montagne..."
Jean P.
Aero Review
"There are the best glasses I have ever used. The customer experience at Julbo is equally amazing. Do yourself a solid and just order some!"
Doug P.
"Super sunglasses. Gets the girls ! "
Maïa C.
Vermont classic
"Great sunglasses love them"
Sylvain L.
"Great venting. Doesn't get in the way of performance. Lean and mean. Robust materials make them strong and light."
Francisco J.
"Very impressed, shipping and delivery were fast, and the sunglasses surpassed my expectations! Will purchase again for sure!"
Stuart L.
Great for the outdoors
"I have used them canoing, and cannot wait to take them up into the backcountry skiing! "
David H.
Best sunglasses
"I got those for two out of my three 6 months old. The fit was better with them than the Looping I. They don't feel bothered by the sun at all because of the wide coverage. They are so cute with the sunglasses! The elastic band is very long so we will be able to use them for a long time which is perfect for us! Will buy a third one for my other daughter soon."
Explorer 2.0
"Well made, very clear distortion free optics. Good eye protection."
Craig H.
Small face...youth size
"Got the youth size for my partner...small narrow face. Excellent fit...price and quality lens."
Dan D.
Hi thanks for asking. I
"Hi thanks for asking. I like the fit and feel of the glasses but I find the lens too dark especially in flat light in snow in the winter so I have given up on them for that. Which is why I originally bought them."
Olivia S.