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"Exceptional value! Great fit....prompt delivery"
Patti D.
hello Patti thank you for your feedback we try our best to satisfy our customer and glad to know that our service is beyond your expectations. -Joy - Julbo Canada
Nice glasses
"The dirt 2 glasses are great but look nothing like the picture on the website (same colour, different design). Need to update the website to reflect the right glasses"
Jean-Pierre M.
Beach spectron 3
"love the look and good for driving and some mountain travel. I’m finding that they are more suited to someone smaller? Fit a tight on the sides and the lenses look out of proportion for my face...and I’m thin to start with."
Dave M.
Thank you for your feedback Dave you can ask for a return is they don't fit well - Julbo Canada
Perfect for mtn. Biking
"Received my glasses quickly after order. Used them immediately during a trip to mountain bike in St. George Utah. Loved them! "
Patti D.
Thank you for your feedback Patti very happy to know that you are enjoying your sunglasses. Thank you for the picture and the glasses fit you perfectly. - Julbo Canada
"Great service and fast shipping. I was disappointed that the nose pieces don’t adjust well and don’t fit me. So although the frames fit great the nose piece is either very wide or if you squeeze them together they aren't curved and are too straight so they don't sit flat"
jacqui O.
Thank you for your feedback Jacqui if the glasses don't fit you you can always return them within 30 days for an exchange or a refund. Just contact us at and we'll sent you a retrun label. - Julbo Canada
Love them
"great for tennis"
Chris P.
Thank you for your feedback Chris, glad to know that you like your glasses and knowing that they can be use in everyday activities. - Julbo Canada
World class nose pads
"Sometimes pad things happen to good people. "
Curtis F.
"The glasses fit great they really adapt quickly and they don’t fog up so overall i am morenthe satisfied. It’s worth every penny. The delivery was quick and efficient."
guy s.
Hello, very glad to know that you like the glasses and thank you for the picture. - Julbo Canada
"Glasses won a reward in a running magazine so I had high expectations. I was still impressed beyond my expectations."
Chris H.
Thank you for your feedback Chris, glad to know that the glasses fulfilled your expectations and more. - Julbo Canada
"Perfect vintage look"
jean m.
Thanks Jean for the feedback! Glad to know you like the look. - Julbo Canada
Nose pads for Cham
"Very happy with my nose pads "
Stephen C.
Hello Stephen, Glad to help and to know that you can wear your glasses after ordering your nose pads. Thanks for the nice picture!!! -Joy. - Julbo Canada
"Lightweight and comfortable."
Stuart O.
Thank you for the feedback Stuart, we are glad that you are enjoying the Cham sunglasses! - Julbo Canada
Perfect fit
"Perfect fit, great lenses, fast shipping and impeccable customer service. Thank you. "
Martin D.
Thank you for your feedback Martin, we are glad to hear you are happy with your Shield sunglasses! - Julbo Canada
Great glasses
"Exactly as pictured. Fit 7 year old great. "
Erin T.
Thanks for the feedback Erin, we are glad to hear you are happy with the Reach L sunglasses! - Julbo Canada
Great sunglasses!
"These sunglasses are perfect for mountain biking and trail running. I also like them for regular running, they just take a moment to adjust to the bright sunlight. I love that they do not fog up! I would buy these again."
Wendy B.
Thanks for the feedback Wendy, we are glad to hear that you are enjoying your Breeze sunglasses! - Julbo Canada
Awesome Addition to The Collection!
"Was looking for a versatile set of stylish aviators and found these babies with flexible earpieces and a full peripheral coverage setup. Between these and a pair of $250 Ray Ban's and I was looking at. These were by far the better choice."
Jayden T.
Thanks for the feedback Jayden, we are happy to hear you are enjoying the Cham sunglasses! Thank you for sharing the photos too, looks great! - Julbo Canada
Had to replace the pair I had lost !
"Great product Fast delivery I’m very happy :)"
Julie G.
Thanks for the feedback Julie, we are glad to hear you are happy with the Aerolite sunglasses! - Julbo Canada
Love my Chams
"These chams bring me back to the days when products were well made. "
Mark M.
Thanks for the feedback Mark! We are glad to hear you are happy with the Cham sunglasses and Julbo's quality! - Julbo Canada
Excellent and also snazzy
"Great looking pair of shades in my opinion, really into the classic look which pairs VERY well with my Dakota Tilley hat. These are great for average mountain climbing such as the Adirondack range in New York and Rockies range in Alberta/British Columbia. These keep me in style while outdoors. The only downside is that these do not fit as snug to my face as I was expecting which allows light to enter from above the lenses."
Stephen M
Thanks for the feedback Stephen, we are glad to hear you enjoy wearing the Vermont Classic sunglasses on your mountain climbing adventures! - Julbo Canada
"The Blast is great for my narrow face! I love them for road biking and climbing. Good low light lens. "
Thanks for the feedback Alix, we are happy to hear you are enjoying the Blast sunglasses! - Julbo Canada
Great Glasses!
"Love the Breeze. They fit well and don't slide when you get sweaty. I really like the colouring of the glasses; while they get darker in the sun, what I see doesn't get darker. Colours don't get distorted, they pop!"
Peggy J.
Thanks for the feedback Peggy! We are happy to hear you are enjoying the Breeze sunglasses with photochromic lenses! - Julbo Canada
"They fit perfectly and the dark spectrum 4 lenses is exactly what I need for my light sensitivity. Will be buying another pair."
Donald S.
Thanks for the feedback Donald, we are glad to hear you are enjoying the Montebianco sunglasses with the Spectron 4 lenses! - Julbo Canada
Light and comfortable!
"The order and receiving was very smooth! The glasses are light and perfect for all my activities! Thank you Julbo!"
Annie-Claude M.
Thanks for the feedback Annie-Claude, we are happy to hear you are enjoying the Resist sunglasses! - Julbo Canada
"Satisfied of my new small glasses. "
Marie-Ève M.
Thanks for the feedback Marie-Eve! We are glad to hear you are happy with the fit of the Aerolite sunglasses. - Julbo Canada
Timeless and tested
"I bought my Julbo Vermonts when I was 21 years old. I'm now 46. They have been skiing, ice climbing, hiking, fishing... you name it. They're awesome. I lost the leather nosepiece about a decade ago so I haven't taken them in the snow as much as I used to... but that's on me. Kudos Julbo!"
Christopher Raabis
Thanks for the feedback Christopher, that is amazing that you have been wearing the Vermont classic for over 20 years! We are glad you enjoy it. If ever you would like to purchase a replacement leather nose-piece, we do have them available for a low cost. We can be contacted at - Julbo Canada
My goto glasses when Mountain Biking
"The photochromic ability to adapt to various light conditions really makes these glasses stand out. They change very quickly. They will make great commuting glasses as well"
jim b.
Thanks for the feedback Jim, we are glad to hear that you are enjoying the Race 2.0 sunglasses with Photochromic lenses! - Julbo Canada
Glasses are excellent, range of
"Glasses are excellent, range of light adjustment of lenses is impressive! They stay on the head without the head strap, and are comfortable during long days. Be careful with the removable sideshields. The plastic they slide in with looks like it may weaken with time. I had requested a hard case in my order details, as a customer service representative had told me to do, but never received that."
Joshua F.
Thanks for the feedback Joshua, we are glad to hear that you are enjoying the Shield sunglasses with the Photochromic Zebra lenses.That photo is amazing! The Shield comes with a semi-hard case, we did not receive note on your order for the hard case but if you contact customer service at they can probably help you out with that, we have limited quantities of the older style of case which is hard on all sides. - Julbo Canada
"Very good, great fit, very quick service."
James M.
Thank you for the feedback James, we are glad to hear you are enjoying the Paddle sunglasses! - Julbo Canada
Great Sunglasses
"This is my third pair of Julbo sunglasses over this past few years, two for me and one for my wife. We use them mostly for sailing and are very pleased with the quality.."
Spencer B.
Thanks for the feedback Spencer, we are glad to hear that you are enjoying your Race 2.0 Sunglasses! - Julbo Canada
Excellent toddler glasses
"Our toddler is 2 years old and enjoys wearing these glasses. They stay in place without the band so we use them like that. They have great coverage and I consider them an excellent purchase."
Harry P.
Thank you for the feedback Harry! We are glad to hear that you and your little one are happy with the Loop sunglasses. - Julbo Canada